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I woke up with a severe throbbing headache. The sun was shinning in my window as I tried to get myself out of bed. I had to definitely have my coffee in the morning so I made a quick cup of coffee. I went to the bathroom cabinet and reached for my antispasmodic medication for my Cerebral Palsy. I took a huge glass of water and swallowed them quickly. I went into the kitchen and sat down to read the daily news on my smart phone. As I began to read I heard a helicopter approaching from a distance. I got up off my chair and peeked through the blinds. The sound of the helicopter blades were getting louder and louder.

From a distance the helicopter looked like a very dark blue, but as it got closer I noticed it was black. So I thought to myself just another government helicopter. It flew over the house and I sat back down to read the daily news. I finished reading the news and decided to take a shower. As I started the water in the shower I could hear a faint noise of helicopter blades. I quick turned off the water and ran to the my bedroom window and peeked through my blinds on my window. It was another black helicopter, but this time I noticed it had tinted windows on it. Once again it flew over my house and was gone. I went back into the bathroom and started up the shower water again and took a quick shower. As I was getting out of the shower I heard a loud knock on the front door, so I quick got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me and walked to the door and asked who was there. Nobody answered, so I asked again, but nobody answered again.

I slowly unlocked my door and slowly opened my door by a crack. There was a guy dressed all in black with a police helmet on his head with a tinted visor on the helmet so I couldn’t see his face. He asked me if I was Samantha Smith. At that point I was scared because he looked like he worked for either the police or the military. He then told me that I had to get dressed and I had to go with him. I quickly got dressed and did what he asked. As we were walking out of the front door the black helicopter with the tinted windows was approaching my house and began to land in my back yard. The guy with the police helmet told me to get into the helicopter. There was another guy and a girl around my age and I noticed that they also had Cerebral Palsy like me. I asked the guy and the girl if they knew where they were taking us, but they told me that they didn’t know and that the guy with the police helmet showed up at their house just like he did with me.

 As we were flying the helicopter began to shake and then a huge like worm hole appeared and the helicopter was then sucked into the worm hole. We saw complete darkness for a few minutes. The darkness started to fade slowly and there was a bright light ahead. It appeared there was a futuristic city below us with flying cars passing by us as the helicopter was landing. The guy with the police helmet never took his helmet off, so we weren’t able to see his face. We landed next to a huge glass futuristic looking maze. It had walls but you could see right through the walls because it all looked like made out of glass material. The guy with the police helmet directed us into a building that was right next to the Maze. He told us to get inside the building and that we had to change into special clothing. The clothing I had to put on was all white and I also had to put a police type helmet on that was white. He told me the guy and the girl who were on the helicopter had to go in the maze first before me. So they went together inside the glass maze.

A huge glass door shut the entrance so they couldn’t get out. A big hologram clock appeared in the sky and a loud evil voice told them they had an hour to figure out the glass Maze and get out. I couldn’t see how far they got because very bright lights turned on in the maze as they started walking. As time slowly went on for me. I was wondering why the guy with the police helmet didn’t let me see his face, but as he was standing there with me he slowly lifted up the tinted visor on his helmet and I noticed he had black Alien like eyes. He looked at me with a very evil look. At that point after I saw his face, I didn’t know what was in store for me. An hour has passed and it was my turn to go into the maze. I was all sweaty and scared. The alien pushed me to the entrance of the maze and the hologram clock appeared and once again the loud evil voice told me...... 

Demon Father
Written By Nichole Haines
©2017 Nichole Haines

It was January 12th, 2009 when I got the news that my dad shot himself with a gun. My daughter Mia was only four years old when her grandfather killed himself and I was in total shock when my stepmother called me on the phone to tell me he killed himself. I knew I had to get DNA from his body to prove that he was my father, before his body was cremated. My father always told me if anything ever happened to him and if he died that I should make sure to get a DNA test. My father denied me for nineteen years before he came into my life, so it was important to get the test done to prove to the rest of the family that he was indeed my father. My step mother Marie and I went to the nearest DNA center called Zeena DNA testing center. I told Zeena that I wanted a test done on my father and I. They came to the funeral parlor to take the DNA samples from my father’s hair, nails and they also took DNA from his mouth with a swab. I had to go to the laboratory to get my mouth swabbed. It cost me a total of a thousand dollars to get the test done for my father and I. Zeena asked me if I wanted to keep my father’s DNA for the next 15 years for medical purposes or if another person came forward saying that they may be my half sister or half brother. So I agreed with Zeena DNA testing center to keep my father’s DNA samples for the next fifteen years just in case something popped up.   

Several years later in August 2024.

Mia was going off to college finally and I was so excited for her to go into architecture design as a major. She was going to be four hours away from her sister Bree, my husband Logan and I . It was her first year completely living on her own in a dormitory. The first week that she called me on the phone at college she was frantic. When I asked her what was wrong and why she wanted to come home so quickly and drop out of college, she told me that there was this guy in her math class at college that looked exactly like grandpa George. I basically said to Mia that surely it was just a guy that resembled grandpa George and that he was just a lookalike. She told me she wanted to come home from college because she was freaked out over this guy in her math class that looked like her grandfather. I told Mia that she could come home just for one weekend and then she would have to go back to college then after the weekend was over. I decided at the last minute that it would be better to fly there to pick Mia up then to drive the four hours to pick her up. Mia was always afraid to fly alone, so she always needs somebody to fly with her, when she has to fly. When Mia and I got on the airplane to fly back home from college, the plane was completely filled and there weren’t any empty seats on the plane. Mia and I had seats all the way in the back of the plane. I was peacefully looking out the window out at the airport when all of a sudden Mia started breathing heavily in a panic. I looked at her and said “Now what is wrong?” She said “look mom in the front row it is that guy in my math class that looks like grandpa George.” I reminded Mia that she was over reacting and that he was just a look alike of grandpa George in his early 20’s.

I promised Mia when we landed and got off the plane that we would all go to the mall and shop around now that I have a self driving car to get around. There weren’t many people that went to the mall anymore and people in general wanted to stay at home and shop online. The first place we went to in the mall was our favorite stuffed animal shop called Stuffoos. Even though I was forty six years old I still loved collecting stuffed animals. While we were in the mall I had the urge to go to the bathroom, so I told Mia and Bree to stay in Stuffoos while I went to the bathroom. As I was sitting on the toilet in the stall, I heard somebody else enter the bathroom. They coughed while they came closer to the stalls. It actually sounded like a man’s cough and for some odd reason it sounded like my dad’s cough. I could hear the man set his stuff down on the bathroom counter. I tried to look through the small crack of the stall door to see if I could see what the man looked like while I was sitting on the toilet. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked through the crack of the stall door, it was my father exactly how he looked when he passed away in 2009. I couldn’t believe it how could that be my father when he passed away in 2009? At that point my whole body was filled with severe anxiety and I was in a panic. I kept peeking through the stall door crack and saw him starring at himself in the bathroom mirror, the next thing I noticed is that his both his eyes turned coal black like an alien’s eyes. I was panicking at that point so I decided to stay in the stall until he left. As soon as he got out of the bathroom I ran back to Stuffoos to get Mia and Bree. We got into my self driving car and went home quickly to my husband Logan.
I tried to explain everything to Logan about what happened at the mall, but he just looked at me and laughed and said “Yeah right like your dead father was at the mall with black alien eyes.” He said “You know me I don’t believe in aliens or ghosts Melissa.” That night Mia and Bree didn’t want to sleep in their own bedrooms that night alone, but I told them that they had too. I made sure that all the doors and windows were locked throughout the house and I made sure that the security system was on. As I was falling asleep next to my husband Logan. I was laying in my bed in my bedroom about to go to sleep and I drifted off into a light sleep half awake and half asleep. I was awake but I couldn’t seem to move my body like sort of what happens in sleep paralysis and a very bright strange icosahedron three dimensional object came very close to my face and it was hovering over my face and body. The energy it was leaving off felt dark and evil. I was trying to yell for help but nothing came out of my mouth. The very bright light from the icosahedron object was blinding my eyes because it was so bright. I wasn’t sure what this thing was while I was laying there, but in my mind I was thinking it was a ghost, demon or the devil. I then was able to break out of the sleep paralysis in my dream then my dream oddly switched to me getting photos taken by strangers for something important. I then woke up from my dream and felt very confused about what I dreamed about. The next morning I needed to clear my mind from that horrible dream, so I decided to ask Mia and Bree if they would like to go for a nice short walk with me around the neighborhood block. We walked about two blocks when we saw the UFOS in the distance in the sky. I told Mia and Bree that we better run as fast as we can before the UFOS caught up to us. So we started running back to the house, but one of the UFOS quickly caught up with us and beamed us up in the UFO with a bright light. We were in a room that looked very similar to a movie theater, yet there weren't any seats in the movie theater and everyone was sitting on the floor including me. Everyone in the room were strangers besides Mia and Bree and there was a man on the movie screen wearing a silver cape with a silver veil on his face, so I couldn't see his face, yet while he was conversing with everybody around me appeared as though they were in a trance, his voice was extremely frightening while he was talking then there were two people pouring some sort fluid on the peoples' heads, and they poured the same liquid on Mia and Bree’s head too. I got off the floor and began crying and saying No! I have faith in God and starting running out the door. I ran down a long narrow silvery looking hallway and found a futuristic looking elevator at the end of the hallway. I pushed the number 3 button on the elevator. The elevator stopped on the second floor and a normal looking man got on the elevator. He took a look at me and said "Melissa you know who I am and I need you to accompany me." I obviously knew who he was despite the fact that he was a normal looking man. I know he was camouflaging himself as a normal man, however he was Satan. I took a look at him and began shouting "No!" I quick got off at the third floor and came to a crystal clear in ground swimming pool with large amounts of people inside the swimming pool. The man with the silver cape was there standing at the edge of the swimming pool with his veil still over his face. His voice was systematic and demonic sounding. He turned towards me slowly and took the veil off his face to reveal himself to me. It was my father, the alien father. His eyes turned coal black like they did in front of the bathroom mirror at the mall. He said to me “Melissa come join your father.” I looked at him and screamed no. He then said “ If you resist me you must die with the others.” He then pushed me in the swimming pool and then these small metal silver round balls came out of the ceiling and then started swooping down at the strangers in the swimming pool at at me. The metal silver balls had very sharp blades on them and they were swooping down and killing everybody. I quickly got out of the pool as fast as I could and ran out the door into a very dark and dim and narrow hallway. I heard a subway coming near in the distance. As it stopped I got on it and stayed on it until it came to the next stop. I got off it once it stopped and I noticed I was in what appeared to be my old high school building except that it had a huge roller coaster in the middle of the school building along with two swimming pools that looked very filthy. As I was standing there watching the indoor roller coaster going around a man with long white hair was standing in front of me smoking a cigarette as he slowly turned around and starred at me I noticed the pupils of his eyes were slits, his pupils weren’t round and they reminded me of a demon or the devil’s eyes. He looked at me and said in a very evil and demonic voice “Melissa you must come with your father.” Stop resisting me.”........

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                 Twenty Devilish Faces
                 The Fight For Alexis

Written by Nichole Haines
©2017 Nichole Haines


I wanted to shout out but no sound would emerge, I couldn’t move, speak and worse I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t release the huge energy build up of terror from my body, I was sure I was going to explode. I was suspended in in-animation between sleep and wakefulness, hanging in neither world and aware of both, silent, trapped and tormented.
The light from the icosahedron hanging just above my head raped my mind, there was no place I could hide, yet I must resist, Alexis was mine, my baby girl, barely old enough to speak in full congruent sentences, she needs me my mind was screaming, he’s not having her, I’m her Mama.
The icosahedron began to move up and down my body, from my face to my feet, with each movement it became more invasive, more terrifying, more evil. Then the pain started, my whole body wracked in agony, silently I was screaming but still I couldn’t make any audible noise, still the worst torture was I had to suffer this in silence, my mind terrified for me, for Alexis, for everyone I knew, what was this magic, this indescribable evil that had complete control over my body?
The pain stopped as abruptly as it had begun and somehow silently I could hear a voice in my mind, clear, menacing and oh so powerful and persuasive:
Give Alexis to me, that’s all you need to do, agree to my demands and you’ll be free, refuse and you’ll never see her again, agree and she’ll live with you under your care until her 16th birthday and then she’ll be mine.”
Surely I was sleeping, as realistic as all this seemed, all of my life experience was telling me none of this was real, no strange three dimensional shapes could control my body and make me mute, this was just an hullucinicenic effect of something I’d eaten, Alexis was in her bed in the next room, she wasn’t in any danger, no-one, supernatural or otherwise, wanted to steal her. I began to breathe deeply attempting to get hold of my anxiety, one deep breath after another.
 Then something from deep inside began to stir, I found that I was floating up and up and off the bed, my breathing became shallow again and through the fear and the disbelief I realized that my body was beginning to betray me, serotonin and dopa-mine flooded my mind and insides, energy exploded in my genitals and I wanted to scream with both terror and delight yet still I was mute, still unable to release, still totally beholden to whatever Devil this was that haunted my reality, and then I found myself falling, falling into a void, devoid of light, consciousness or dream, a nothingness, well they say sex and death are two sides of the same coin!
It was still dark when I awoke, or had I slept all day? My body ached in ways I’d never imagined was possible before today, like I’d competed in a marathon with no preparation at all. I was just laying there in my bed feeling like I was unable to function, not really able to construct my memory to recall the experiences of last night. My mind drifted to Alexis, there was something I’d been worried about, something relating to her safety. I couldn’t recall but then I stopped myself, Alexis wasn’t in the next room, she was with my parents to give me a break, to let me recover, I’d been ill, physically and emotionally after Chris’s death, I needed to heal, to exorcise my demons, we’d fought that night and never had the chance to hug, kiss and say sorry before his car hit that wall.The police had said there was alcohol in his blood stream, he’d died because he had been drinking and driving but we’d been drinking together and the drinking led to our pointless fight, and then, and then, oh what was I going to do, how could I ever recover?
Without moving my body I allowed my eyes to scan the room around me, something was strange about my room, something not right. My eyes came to rest on a small mirror which seemed to have some traces of white powder on it and for some reason there was a razor blade. Drugs? Surely not, not without Chris, never alone. I resolved to get up and go and check on Alexis, surely she can’t have slept all day too, she was only a little girl, a baby, what kind of mother was I neglecting her?...and then I remembered she’s safe, she’s with Mum and Dad
I wanted some water, my mouth was so dry, I knew it would take all of my willpower to get out of bed, my body so ached, so I used my will to force myself yet I didn’t seem to have any control left over my body, my mind was active yet my body was somehow catatonic.
As I lay in a pool of my own sweat the strangest of things happened. I watched the essence of who I am step out of my body and walk away from me and then my consciousness shifted to the essence of me and I was free, I could travel wherever it was in the Universe I wanted to go.
I resolved to find Chris, to heal whatever emotional wounds were left between us and for a moment I thought where’s Alexis, maybe she’s with Chris, maybe I can see them both together?

I still loved Chris, despite our awful fight on the night he died, yet I couldn’t shake the belief that there was something demonic about him, his rages when he was still alive and at times he seemed to revel in violence, physical, emotional and verbal. I left the house and headed for the bus stop, I must find Alexis, I needed to know she was safe, although Chris was her father I couldn’t be sure he’d protect her. Then it came back to me like a flood of memory like a tsunami in my mind, the icosahedron that controlled my body last night and the voice in my head, menacing me, abusing me, the extreme pain. How was this related to Chris, was he dominating me still from beyond the grave, was Chris just one of his incarnations, was he in fact Satan himself?
As I neared the bus stop, a bus just drove on by, I’d tried to convince the driver to stop but his strange, distorted yet somehow familiar face wasn’t having any of it. When I finally arrived I permitted myself a moment just to breathe, to gather my thoughts, to think how I was going to find Alexis.
I could see a bus coming my direction about half a mile away, I put my hand in my raincoat pocket frantically searching for my purse and then it occurred to me, I didn’t need money I was in a different world with different rules and alternative expectations. As the bus neared I stuck my arm out to indicate that I wished to ride. Strangely the bus didn’t slow down, if anything it started to increase its speed. As it fled by I realized that the driver had exactly the same face as the driver of the previous bus. He hit the horn and it appeared that he was pointing at the bus stop as the vehicle just drove on by. Why was the driver’s face so strange and so familiar, how peculiar was that? Then it occurred to me, yes he looked a little like Chris, no wonder this was so disturbing.
In the absence of knowing what to do next I began to examine the bus stop to try and discover what the bus driver had been pointing at. For the first time I noticed a large photograph of that icosahedronic shape that had so disrupted my sleep. I looked closer and noticed that in each of the twenty sides was a different photograph all of the same person, some angelic, many demonic and one or two of a damaged young man holding a young child in his arms. I looked closer in horror, they were all of Chris and in one or two of his photos he had Alexis with him. I froze not knowing what to do and then one of the demonic versions of Chris suddenly seemed to speak.
No bus will stop for you without your photograph, you must go to the shopping center where the bus station is, it’s on Twenty Face Road and the name of the shopping center is Icosahedron.” the demonic Chris like photo then roared with laughter.
That shape again, I didn’t like it but what choice did I have, I must find Alexis?....



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           The Fight For Alexis


    DREAM JOURNAL       
©2016 Nichole Haines and Dima Galdin



Narrative Story based off my dreams are written by Russian Author Dima Galdin.

It was morning and Elena the fourteen year old blond teenager sat at a table and had tea. Her mother turned into the kitchen. There was news on the TV and she was drinking her tea. She has been going to school. Elena had no wish to go to school and she was bothered at school, but meeting with her friend attracted her to going to school. She wanted to tell her a dream today. She dreamed that she was at home at with her grandmother. She was on the third main deck and there was a huge dark helicopter flying in the sky from far away. It was huge and dark. As it came nearer, it became louder and louder. She has understood that the helicopter was after her. She seen that the helicopter had tinted windows therefore she couldn't see who was flying the helicopter and who was after her. As it flown up closer to the house she got up on the edge of the deck and ran away to the mountains. At this moment she has woke up in sweat. Having considered everything, she could hear a helicopter coming a mile away in her real life...
Her lessons at school ended and her friend decided to take her home. Elena complained about her mother. Once again there was a fight concerning the music to which Elena listened to. Eternally her mother was against her. She was distracted with experiences, Elena remembered a dream of two-week period ... she tried to understand the dream. Her friend listened to her and Elena told her the dream
Her mother has given the girl a cordial welcome and just wanted to talk, but Elena didn't want to talk. The bad mood spoiled everything. She silently gone to her room and closed the door. She has spent in her evenings in her bedroom and when she left, she stared at the TV and ignored her mother. Her mother was very  worried and tried to talk to her, but everything was vain.
A day has passed and Elena waited for night time, she dreamed another dream. Having read a book, she had fallen asleep. She dreamed about her mother.
In the morning she has woke up happy and in good mood. Elena kissed her mother and had breakfast and she ran to school. There were examinations today. The summer day tenderly touched her body and it was good to live. She told a dream to her friend, she has thought of a dream.
Having come back home, she was her bedroom and turned on the music, she took a pencil, she wanted to write down a dream and then show it to her mother. There wasn’t anybody there she wished to see at this time. And here on a leaf heroes of a dream slowly appeared...
The psychologist of Elena noted vulnerability still of the soul, and treated dreams as an exit from difficult situations. He accurately wrote down dreams of Elena and suggested to publish her book.
Today she dreamed she was with the her friend in her old school at the swimming pool and the water was very dirty. The pool was on the first floor and there was a swimming pool also on the second floor. Her friend decided to go swimming in dirty water.  Elena advised her to get out of water because the water was very dirty. There was also a roller coaster around the pool at school in her dream. She has come to a conclusion that it was necessary to ride on the roller coaster so she got in line. There was
A man with white hair smoking a cigarette. He appeared as though he was a man of 50 years old. He swung around and he looked at her. When she looked into his eyes, she saw that his eyes didn’t look typical.  His pupils were not round they were slit-like. His pupils reminded her of a reptile or the devil. Then Elena woke up her dream.
The next day after this dream to her it became valid really badly, considering all circumstances, Elena got a fever and rash and she was hospitalized. The doctor prescribed her steroids. The doctors told her that it is was a virus.
Her friend came to visit her and brought apples and chocolate. and they talked very long and were happy.
Elena had the virus for two weeks. The virus finally passed.
There was summer vacation, and Elena spent all her days at home . She dreamed that she was at movie theater, but there weren’t any seats to sit on. So all the people were sitting on the floor, including her. All the people in the dream were strangers and there was a person, on the screen, dressed in a silvery cape with a sliver veil so his face wasn't visible while he talked to everybody, the people around me were in a trance and his voice was very scary sounding while he spoke, then there were two people who poured some kind of liquid on the heads of people. Elena got down on a floor and has begun to cry and say I have faith in God! Then she has woke up from her dream.
This dream got her to visit a church where she prayed and she lit a candle. The relations with her mother developed very badly and Elena thought about leaving the house. Her friend still supported her. She said it wasn’t necessary and to not to think of it.
Her dreams were an outlet and together with her friend they began to write down them in a notebook.
The next dream was as such.
She would like to find the a hidden swimming pool in the building in a unknown place where it was extremely big and as soon as she wanted to get to the swimming pool it was very scary and dark. As her body was laying in the swimming pool she heard a strange loud whooshing noise and the water began to move around like a whirlpool, it was trying to suck her in she quickly ran out from the pool and then woke up.
After this dream she didn't dream for a long time, but once she had another dream she was in the building similar to a distribution center and there were individuals on the conveyor belt, including her. As people bypassed on the conveyor belts, the aliens did awful things and experiments on their bodies. When the conveyor belt reached the aliens Elena, really began to beat them in the head, and even lifted one of aliens and threw it. After she has woke up from this dream, she panted and was all in a sweat.
The summer days flew by very quickly. It was the first of September and
school has begun again.
Her friend met her at an entrance of the school. She also saw her off and on at school and at home. The relations with Elena’s mother were very bad again, and her mother decided to send Elena to her father’s house for a while. Elena was against it, but there's nothing that could be done. The first night at her father’s house she had a nightmare, she dreamed that she was in the elevator at office of the company of installation, and the elevator has ceased to work at the following floor and there was normal looking man there. He taken her by the throat and said: "Elena, you know who I am? I want you to accompany me." Obviously, she knew who he was spite of the fact that he looked like a normal man, He was disguising himself as a normal man nevertheless he was Satan.  She began to shout: "No!" Then she has woke up. Her father stood nearby and told her:" Get up, it is morning already!"
And of course, Elena trusted in UFOS and her imagination was wild and there was no limit. In a dream she saw newcomers. She dreamed that she with a group of strangers in big open area and as they all looked into the sky, have noticed a blinking of the UFO of an oval form flying through clouds in the sky. The UFOs appeared and came to them, thus, all the strangers have began to run... She has tried to run with such speed as fast as she could, but her shoe laces were untied. She has tried to stop to tie them, but they told her to run. They got into the car with two strangers and with the friend Amanda. They reached the highway and have tried to get away from the UFO. Elena sat in the back seat with her friend observing out the back window seeing the huge UFOs arriving to Earth. They didn’t accelerated on the highway quickly enough, and they caught up with them in the car... Elena then woke up in sweat.
Elena returned from her father’s house, and Elena was glad to see her mother again. Their relationship improved and as friends they spent time together. Elena was happy. She took great pain to help her mother. One of nights she had another dream which flashed at the edge of a subway train. It was very dark inside the building. The tram was operated by the Chinese man. She was with her family and they have made a decision to go to the bar, but it was very dark in the building. It was so sad that they could hear just the subway coming to them, however she saw a building that looked modern, Thus, the tram has stopped at the platform, and dropped them off at the bar. Elena entered and has seen a wooden box on a floor with a considerable mass of materials. She has found things from Russia in a wooden box. Her family hasn't accepted of her in bar and they glanced at her and left her there. Elena tried to come back to the subway, however they continued to leave her there at the bar and she couldn't come back on the tram she kept missing the tram because it was too dark to see it, nevertheless they have met her again as she could hear the tram coming. Eventually she has woke up from the dream.
Elena learned from this dream how much family is important to her and she quickly disappointed about the the dream and how they left her at the bar.
Elena had a birthday party . Elena invited her closest friends and of course her good friend. There were many delicacies and entertainment. She put her gifts in bedroom and didn't open them, and left them for later. Her boyfriend Anton gave her flowers and scarlet roses. They were very lovely. The mass of impressions, and very noisy evening, but Elena already thought about what dream she was going to dream that night. Elena dreamed that night she was in the kitchen, sitting down at the dining room table.
There was a knock on a rear entrance which exits out of her apartment on the third floor. Her boyfriend Anton has opened a door. She was still sitting in place when he opened the door. There were a man and the woman facing the doorway on the deck. She couldn't see the woman's face, but she saw the man's face. He was bald and had glasses on. He had a military rifle in his hand, it looked like a military machine gun. He told her boyfriend Anton that they looking for Elena Haines. He looked through the shoulder of her boyfriend Anton and saw that Elena was sitting on the chair. He raised up the military gun and pointed the gun directly at Elena and has began to pull the trigger. Her boyfriend Anton has began to curse and tried to slam the door closed. She then woke up from the dream. The nightmare has come to an end, she thought about her life, these minutes still life was so important to her and she wanted to live still so that wasn't excruciatingly painful for the lived years.
 School waited for her every day and she gave her all herself up to the end. It was very interesting to study. Her new life entered her life with ease. Her life was good both with the relations with mother and the friend and she was progressing in school. Having left still, she written down her last dream.
She was in the building in which it was extraordinary futuristic building and in the building there was a pool. Once again I have been captured by panic before strangers. For the unknown reasons, people had to die as soon as they had reached a certain age and when they entered the pool, these metal silver balls with small blades went over the strangers heads and swooped down to killed them in the pool when her time has come and was near and it was time to enter the pool to be killed Elena got out of the swimming pool quickly and ran away and left the building. In the morning at school she told the nightmare to her friend...
Prior to new meetings.

Было утро. Елена, 14 летняя белокурая девчонка, сидела за столом и пила чай. Ее мама крутилась на кухне.По телевизору показывали новости. Выпив чай , девочка пошла собираться в школу.Так не хотелось идти , все надоело там. Но встреча с другом манила ее.Она хотела рассказать сегоднящняный сон. Ей снилось что она была дома у своей бабушки.Она была на третьей верхней палубе и там был огромный темный вертолет, летящий в небе издалека. Он был огромным и темным. Как он приближался , то становился громче и громче. Она поняла, что вертолет был позади неё. Она увидела, что вертолет был с тонированными стеклами, поэтому она не могла видеть, кто летел в вертолете, и кто был позади меня. Как он подлетел ближе к дому, она встал на краю палубы и побежалав гору. В этот момент она проснулась в поту. Обдумав все, она услышала вертолет за милю...
Уроки закончились. Друг решил проводить ещё домой. Елена жаловалась на мать. В очередной раз был скандал по поводу музыки, которую Елена слушала.Вечно мама против неё.Отвлекшись от переживаний , Елена вспомнила сон двухнедельной давности о ... она пыталась его понять.Друг слушал ее и высказал мысль...
Мама встретила девочку тепло и хотела просто поговорить, но Елена не хотела.Дурное настроение все испортило.Она молча ушла в комнату и закрылась. Весь вечера она провела в комнате , а когда вышла , уставилась в телевизор и игнорировала маму. Мама переживала и пыталась поговорить, но все было тщетно.
Прошёл день. Елена ждала ночи, она мечтала о сновидении. Прочитав книгу,она заснула. Ей снилась мама.
На утро она проснулась счастливой и в хорошем настроении. Поцеловав маму и позавтркав, она побежала в школу. Сегодня экзамены. Летний денек ласково касался тела и жить было хорошо. Рассказав сон другу, она задумалась о сне.
Вернувшись домой , она закрылась в комнате и включила музыку, взяв карандаши, она захотела нарисовать сон, а потом показать маме. Ни с кем не хотелось в это время видеться. И вот на листе потихоньку появлялись герои сна ...
Психолог Лены отмечал ранимость ещё души, а сны трактовал как выход из сложных ситуациях. Он аккуратно записывал сны девушки и предложил издать ей книгу.
Сегодня ей снилось, что она была в ее старой школе с подругой находились в бассейн и вода была очень грязная. Бассейн был на первом этаже и он также был на втором  этаже. Ее  подруга решила искупаться в грязной воде бассейна. Она посоветовал ей, чтобы выбраться из воды, поскольку она была очень грязной. Так же были захватывающее американские горки  вокруг бассейна в школе в моем сне. Она пришла к выводу, что нужно было покататься на них,так что она встал в очередь. Там был
человек с белыми волосами, куривший сигарету. Он появился как будто он был человеком 50-х годов. Он размахнулся и просто посмотрел на меня. Когда я взгляну в его глаза, я увидел, что его глаза не выглядят типично. Зрачки не круглые, они были щелевидные . Его ученики напомнили мне  дьяволов.Потом я проснулся от моей мечты.
На следующий день после этого сна ей действительно стало по-настоящему плохо, учитывая все обстоятельства, с температурой и сыпью она попала в больницу. Ей назначили стероиды. Врачи сказали, что это вирус.
Друг пришёл навестить ещё и принёс яблоки и шоколад. Они долго разговаривали и были счастливы.
Через две недели ещё выписали. Болезнь миновала.
Были каникулы, Елена все дни проводила дома. Однажды ей приснилось.
Она была в кинотеатре, но сидений не было и все сидели на полу, включая ее. Все в сне были чужаками и там был человек, на экране, одетый в серебристый плащ с белой вуалью, так что не было видно его лица, пока он разговаривал со всеми, вокруг меня появились люди, как будто они были в ступоре, а его голос было очень страшным,пока он говорил, потом были два человека, которые лили какую-то жидкость на головы людей. Елена слезла на пол и начала плакать и говорить нет у меня веры в Бога! И она проснулась.
Этот сон сподвиг ее на поход в церковь , где она молилась и поставила свечку.
Отношения с мамой складывались плохо и Елена подумывала уйти из дома. Только ещё друг поддерживал ее.Говорил , что не стоит и думать об этом.
Сны были отдушиной и вместе с другом они стали записывать их в блокнот.
Очередной сон был такой.
Она хотела бы найти скрытый бассейн в здании в неизвестном месте, где бассейн был, он надежно на редкость был большой и как только она хотела попасть в плавательный бассейн было это уморительно.Живот ее в бассейне. Шум и вода начинают двигаться вокруг, как водоворот, пытаясь засосать ее, она быстро выбежала из бассейна и проснулась.
После этого сна , ей долго ничего не снилось, но однажды ей приснилось.
 Что она была в здании, похожем на распределительный центр и там были отдельные лица на конвейерной ленте, включая меня.  Кроме того, как население в целом обходили транспортные линии, иностранцы делали ужасные вещи и эксперименты на их телах.  Когда дело дошло до инопланетян и мяч был у Елены, она действительно начала бить их по голове, и даже подняла одного из иностранцев и бросила его.  После того, как она проснулась от этого сна, она тяжело дышала и  была вся в поту.
Летние деньки летели очень быстро. И вот наступило первое сентября.
Началась школа.
Ее друг встречал ее  у подъезда. И провожал в школу и домой. Отношения с мамой все как то не складывались. И мама решила отправить дочь на время к отцу. Елена была против, но ничего не поделаешь. Первая ночь у отца была кошмаром, ей снилось, что она была в лифте в офисе компании по монтажу, и лифт перестал работать на следующем этаже и нормальный мужчина был там.  Он взял за горло ее и сказал: "Елена, знаешь, кто я? Я хочу, чтобы ты была  вместе со мной."  Очевидно , она знала кто он, несмотря на то, что он был нормальный мужчина.  Но зналачто он маски овал себя как нормальный человек, тем не менее он был Сатана.  Я взяла его за горло и начала  кричать: "Нет!"  Затем она проснулась. Отец стоял рядом и сказал:" Вставай, утро уже!"
И конечно, Елена верила в НЛО. Ее воображению не было предела. Вот и во сне она видела пришельцев. Ей снилось, что она с группой незнакомцев в большой открытой области и поскольку они смотрели в небо, то заметили связку НЛО овальной формы, летящих сквозь облака в небе. НЛО, казалось, прибывали к нам, таким образом, все начали бежать ...Она попытался бежать с такой скоростью, как могла, но ее шнурки развязались. Она попыталсь остановиться, чтобы связать их, но все сказали ей бежать. Они сел в автомобиль с двумя незнакомцами и с подругой  Амандой. Добрались на шоссе и попытались уехать от НЛО. Елена сидел на заднем сиденье с её подругой, наблюдавшей в заднее окно в огромные НЛО, прибывающие на Землю. Ребята ускорялись по шоссе довольно быстро, но они ловили  нас... Елена проснулась в поту.
Вернувшись от отца , Елена была рада встречи с мамой. Их отношения наладились . Они как подружки проводили время вместе. Елена была счастлива. Она всячески старалась помочь матери. В одну из ночей ей приснилось, что она была в здании и была трамвайная станция, которая мелькала у края зданиия. Было уныло внутри. Трамвай управлялся китайским мужчиной. Она была со своей семьей, и они приняли решение пойти в бар, который был в этом унылом квартале, формируемом зданиями. Это было настолько уныло, что они  могли просто действительно услышать метро, прибывающее к ним, однако что она видела, что здание выглядело современным, Таким образом, трамвай остановился у лестничной площадки, и  высадил нас в баре. Елена вошла и увидела деревянную коробку на полу со значительной массой материалов. Она обнаружила вещи из России в деревянной коробке. Ее семья  не приняла отказ от неё в баре, в то время как на неё бросили взгляд, таким образом, Елена попыталась возвратиться на метро, однако они  продолжали встречать меня, и она не могла возвратиться на нем, все же они встретили ее, так как она могла услышать, что ее встретили. В конце концов она проснулась.
С этого сна Елена поняла, как важна для неё семья и она быстро поза была о своих приколах.
Был день рожденья . Пригласили самых близких и конечно же друга . Было много вкусностей и развлечений. Подарки она сложила в своей комнате и не открывала, оставив на потом. Антон подарил цветы, аллые розы. Они были очень милы. Масса впечатлений , шумный вечер, но Елена уже думала о ночи , что ей присниться сегодня. И ей приснилось, что она была в своей кухне, располагаясь за обеденным столом.
Был стук по черному ходу, который выводит к ее квартире на третьем этаже. Ее бойфренд Антон открыл дверь. Она все еще сидела на своем месте, когда он открыл дверь. Были мужчина и женщина, стоящая перед дверным проемом на палубе. Я не мог видеть лицо женщины, но я видел лицо мужчины.Он был лысым и имел  очки. У него была военная винтовка в его руке, она была похожа на военный пулемет. Он сказал моему бойфренду Антону, что они искали Елену Хэйнс. Он смотрел через плечо моего бойфренда Антона и видел, что она сидела на стуле. Он поднял свое военное оружие и указал его непосредственно на Елену и начал нажимать на курок. Ее бойфренд Антон начал проклинать и пытаться хлопнуть закрытой дверью. Она тогда проснулась . Кошмар кончился, она подумала о своей жизни, в эти минуты ещё жизнь была так дорога ей и она хотела прожить ещё так , чтобы не было мучительно больно за прожитые годы.
Школа ждала её каждый день и она отдавала ей всю себя до конца. Было очень интересно учиться. Новое входило в ее жизнь с лёгкостью. Все у неё было хорошо и отношения с мамой и друг и успехи в учёбе. Оставив ещё, я записал последний ее сон.
 Она была в здании, в котором было чрезвычайно ультрасовременно и в здании был бассейн. Еще раз я был охвачен паникой перёд  посторонними. По неизвестным причинам, неизвестные люди должны были умирать, как только они достигли определенного возраста и когда они входили в бассейн, эти металлические серебряные шары с небольшими лезвиями будут сыпаться по их головам и казнить незнакомцев в целом в бассейне, когда пришло ее время и шар был рядом и пора было войти в бассейн, чтобы быть поверженной , я сбежала и вышла из здания. Утром в школе она рассказала о своём кошмаре своему другу...
До новых встреч.

Journal of my Dreams

I used to have these two repeating dreams as a young girl.

Dream 1

The dream would start at my grandma's home. I would be outside on the third top deck and there was a huge enormous dark helicopter arriving in the sky from afar. It was huge and dark. As it would come nearer it would get louder and louder. I understood that the helicopter was after me. I saw that the helicopter had tinted windows on it, so I couldn't see who was flying the helicopter, or who was after me. As it would fly nearer to the house I got on the edge of the deck and jump off the deck and begin running up the hill. At that point I would wake up from my dream in a sweat. Right up until today, I still can hear a helicopter coming a mile away.

Dream 2

I had a dream that I would locate a concealed swimming pool in a building some place and where the swimming pool was in, it would be in an exceptionally dull room and once I would get in the swimming pool there would be this loud whooshing noise and the water would begin moving around like a whirlpool and it would attempt to suck me under I would then make a fast escape from the swimming pool and wake up from my dream.

Dream 3

I had a dream a while ago, likely about two years back. I had a dream that I was in a movie theater, yet there weren't any seats in the movie theater and everyone was sitting on the floor including me. Everyone in my dream were strangers and there was a man on the movie screen wearing a silver cape with a silver veil on his face, so I couldn't see his face, yet while he was talking with everybody around me appeared as though they were in a trance, his voice was extremely frightening while he was talking then there were two people pouring some sort fluid on the peoples' heads. I got off the floor and began crying and saying No! I believe in God! I then  got up off the floor and ran out of the movie theater and woke up from my dream.

Dream 4

I had a dream that I was later on and the building I was in was extremely cutting edge looking and there was a swimming pool in the building. Once again, I was surrounded by strangers. For some reason people needed to die once they reached a specific age and when they got into the swimming pool these metal silver balls with little blades on them would drift over their heads and swoop down and would kill the general population in the swimming pool, when it was my time to die I quick got out of the pool and ran out of the building. I then woke up from my dream.

 Dream 5 I had this dream in November 2015.

I had a dream that I was in my old high school with my daughter. We were in the swimming pool and the water was exceptionally filthy. The pool had a first floor pool and it likewise had a second floor with another pool on the first floor. My daughter chose to go swimming in the filthy pool water. I advised her to get out of the water since it was extremely dirty. There was a futuristic elevator between the two pools on the second and first floor. There was an exciting roller coaster going
around the swimming pool in the school in my dream. I concluded that I needed to go on the roller coaster, so I got in the  line to get on. There was a man with white hair remaining before me smoking a cigarette. He appeared as though he was a man in his 50's. He turned and looked at me. When I took a look at his eyes I saw that his eyes didn't look typical. The pupils of his eyes weren't round they the pupils of his eyes were slits. His pupils reminded me of a reptile or the devil. I then woke up from my dream. After I had that dream a few days later I really became really sick in real life.
I had a fever with a 103 fever for a total of
9 days and I wound up in the hospital twice for dehydration and wound up getting a non-itchy rash everywhere on my body. They put me on steroids for the rash and the rash took 6 weeks to go away. The doctors said I had a very bad virus. 

Dream 6

I had this dream the week of July 11th, 2016.

I had a dream that I was in a building that resembled a distribution center and there were people on a conveyor belt including me and as the people went around on the conveyor belt the aliens would do horrible things and experiments on their bodies. When the belt came up to the aliens and I began kicking them in the head and I even lifted one of the aliens up and threw it. After I woke up from that dream I was really breathing really fast and sweating.

Dream 7

I don't recall the date to this dream, yet I know I had it not long after my dad committed suicide in 2009. I had a dream that I was in an elevator in an office building some place and the elevator stopped on the following floor and a normal looking man got on the elevator. He took a look at me and said "Nichole you know who I am and I want you to accompany me." I obviously knew who he was despite the fact that he was a normal looking man. I know he was camouflaging himself as a normal man, however he was Satan. I took a look at him and began shouting "No!" I then woke up from my dream.

Dream 8 August 1, 2016

I had a dream that I was with a bunch of strangers in a big open field and as we were looking up to the sky we noticed a bunch of oval shaped UFOs coming through the clouds in the sky. The UFOs appeared to be coming for all of us, so everybody started running in the big open field. I was trying to run as fast as I could, but my shoe laces came opened. I tried to stop to tie them, but everybody told me to keep on running. I got into a car with two strangers along with my daughter . We got onto a highway and tried to drive away from the UFOs. I was sitting in the backseat with my daughter was looking out the back window at the huge UFOs coming for us. We were speeding on the highway pretty fast, but they were catching up to us. Once again I woke up in a sweat.

Dream 9 September 7th, 2016

I had a dream that I was in this building and there was a tram station that was very futuristic looking inside. It was dull inside. The subway train was being worked by a Chinese man. I was with my family and we chose to go to a bar which was inside this dull square molded building. It was so dull you could just truly hear the metro coming towards you, however what I could see the building looked modern So the subway train would stop at an entryway and it dropped us off at the bar. I went inside and there was this wooden box on the floor with a considerable measure of stuff in the wooden box. I discovered things from Russia inside the wooden box. My family wound up abandoning me at the bar while I was glimpsed inside the case, so I attempted to get back on the subway train, however it continued passing me and I couldn't get back on it, yet it would pass me since I could hear it pass me. I in the end woke up from the dream since I couldn't appear to get back on the subway train.

Dream 10 December 6th, 2016

I had a dream that I was in my kitchen sitting at the dining room table.
There was a knock on my back door which leads out to my deck on my second floor apartment. My boyfriend Alan answered the door. I was still sitting in my seat as he answered the door. There was a man and a woman standing in front of the doorway on the deck. I couldn’t see the woman’s face but I could see the man’s face. He was bald and had eye glasses on. He had a military rifle in his hand it looked like a military machine gun. He told my boyfriend Alan that they were looking  for Nichole Haines. He looked over my boyfriend Alan’s shoulder and saw me sitting on the chair. He raised his military gun and pointed it directly at me and began pulling the trigger. My boyfriend Alan began cursing and trying to slam the door shut. I then woke up from my dream. My boyfriend Alan said he felt me jump practically off the bed when I woke up out of that dream. It woke him up and I told him I had a nightmare.

Dream 11 January 2, 2017

I  had a dream that there was an alien invasion and there were UFO’S and aliens everywhere, but in the dream it was almost like I was in a video game playing and had to play different levels but in reality. The dream consisted of me running and hiding from aliens and UFO’S. The dream seemed to last the whole night. My boyfriend Alan said that he couldn’t sleep all night because while I was having this dream I was snoring and grinding my teeth he said.

Dream 12 January 3, 2017
I had a dream that I was with my friend Karen’s two nieces and we were in a school building trying to open lockers in the school, then the dream changed and I then was at my friend Karen’s son Alex birthday party and I was walking around at the party intoxicated. There was a huge cafeteria there at the party and there was also a bathroom there. I went into the bathroom and somehow the sweat shirt I was wearing some how got sucked down the bathroom sink drain. I then looked into the bathroom mirror and saw this strange round piece of metal around my Adams apple. My Adams Apple was sticking out kind of like a man’s Adams Apple so I was trying to get this strange piece of metal off of it. I couldn’t get it off. I than woke up from my dream.  

 Dream 13 January 15th, 2017

I had a dream that I was laying in my bed in my bedroom about to go to sleep and I drifted off into a light sleep half awake and half asleep. In my dream  I was awake but I couldn’t seem to move my body like sort of what happens in sleep paralysis and a very bright strange icosahedron three dimensional object came very close to my face and it was hovering over my face and body. The energy it was leaving off felt dark and evil. I was trying to yell for help but nothing came out of my mouth. The very bright light from the icosahedron object was blinding my eyes because it was so bright. I wasn’t sure what this  thing was while I was laying there, but in my mind I was thinking it was a ghost, demon or the devil. I then was able to break out of the sleep paralysis in my dream then my dream oddly switched to me getting photos taken by strangers for something important. I wasn’t sure why they were taking photos of me, but it was for something important. Then I was trying to catch a bus to try to find my 23 month old daughter Alexis, but appeared to keep missing the bus. Then I woke up from my dream.